18 professionals participate in the XIII edition of the Ibero-American Course of Technology, Operations and Environmental Management in Ports-Press NOTE (09/16/2013)

15 Sep 2013
The XIII of the Ibero -American Course of Technology, Operations and Environmental Management of Ports, an International Cooperation Initiative between Ports of the State, on behalf of the Spanish Port System, and the Inter -American Ports Commission of the Organization of American States, which tells with the collaboration of the Port Authority of Santander, and is part of the academic programming of Cantabria International Campus. The presentation was attended by two of the directors of the course, the director of the port of Santander, Cristina López Arias, and the professor of the Department of Sciences and Environmental Water Techniques of the University of Cantabria, Íñigo Losada. Together with them, the Ignacio Arrondo Perals course, director of Services and Competitiveness of Ports of the State. A total of 18 professionals of different technical profile from different Latin American countries participate in it: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico and Peru. The duration is four weeks and is aimed at facilitating the technical training and recycling of professionals in the Latin American port sector. The program is made in a way that provides specialized technical training in the areas of port operations and environmental management in ports, introducing them in the most advanced methodologies and procedures in these fields, by special reference to the casuistry and Spanish experience. The school burden is 175 hours, which will be given by 60 port experts from the academic field, the public sector and the private initiative. As in previous editions, the academic and residential headquarters is located on the University Campus of the Llamas of the Menéndez Pelayo International University.