Dry Ports

The Port of Santander, aware of the need to optimize the distribution of goods in its "hinterland", -La Meseta and the Ebro Valley-, to obtain a competitive position in it, and to get closer to its customers, participates in the shareholding of two dry ports: AZUQUECA DE HENARES/CENTRO INTERMODAL, in the surroundings of Madrid and SANTANDER-EBRO, in Luceni, 40 Km from Zaragoza. 

These cargo consolidation centers expand the hinterland of the Port of Santander and offer value-added services to goods, attracting a large number of agents, both maritime and land transport, as well as freight forwarders and distributors. 


Dry port Santander Ebro (Luceni)



Service area: Ebro Valley 

C/ Río Ebro, 15.  
50640 Luceni (Zaragoza)

Distance to the port of Santander: 400 kilometers

Area: 105.700 m2
4.500 parking spaces


  • Double ramp train dock.
  • 2 x 275 m. of railway branch lines.
  • Plate tracks allowing automobile circulation.


  • Up to 24 trucks loading/unloading simultaneously.
  • Inspection and damage check. 
  • Repair and painting.
  • Mechanical and maintenance services.
  • Washing.
  • 24 h surveillance. 


The Port of Santander extends its area of influence towards the Ebro Valley, through its participation in the "Santander-Ebro Dry Port", located in the vicinity of Zaragoza, in the most active area of the Ebro Corridor. This dry port serves more than 60% of the national market, given its equidistance from the main consumption centers of the country (all of them within a radius of 300 km). It is 400 km from the Port of Santander and very close to the French border and the busiest ports. 

The Dry Port provides value-added services to manufacturers and operators, including handling, storage and control of vehicles, goods and platform for combined transport interchange, as well as customs warehousing. It has 900 m2 dedicated to vehicle pre-delivery inspection operations (PDI and PPO).

Dry Port of Azuqueca de Henares



Service area: Madrid and its metropolitan area 

Avda. de París, s/n
19200 Azuqueca de Henares (Guadalajara)

Distance from the Port of Santander: 400 kms.
Area: 60,016 m2. 


  • Electrified reception and dispatch track of 1,500 m 
  • Unloading and loading lane: 2 by 500 m. 
  • Parking lanes: 2 (650 m and 3000m) 
  • Own engines for train operations: 3 locotractors and 2 shunting tractors. 



  • Full container depot: 11.000 m2 (610 teus) 
  • Empty containers depot: 13.800 m2 (2090 teus) 
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation of cargoes warehouse: 918 m2 
  • Temporary public warehouse type "A". Customs enclosure: 425 m2 
  • Mobile cranes for loaded units: 3 
  • Mobile cranes for empty units: 1 
  • Customs services 
  • Business Center 
  • Parking of platforms and trucks  
  • Local transporters for hauling 
  • 24 h security. 


The Dry Port of Azuqueca de Henares offers services for the distribution of goods in containers and general merchandise and links any Spanish port with the central area of Spain by rail.  

It is an Intermodal Railway Terminal, where transfers can be made between the different modes of transport: Road, Rail, Maritime. And it operates, not only traffics with the maritime ports, but also traffics with any origin/destination in the interior. 

The Azuqueca Dry Port Terminal offers loading and unloading services of goods, both containers and general cargo. It is a Terminal open to any operator or carrier, operating goods in and out by road or rail.

The Terminal's area of influence is the Henares corridor, the main logistics area of the Iberian Peninsula. Its intermodal vocation is related to all modes that, directly or indirectly, are linked to the railroad.