Open the registration period for the V edition of Mini Print International Cantabria "The Sea and the Lighthouses"

3 May 2022
Open the deadline for registration of works of the V edition of Mini Print International Cantabria "The Sea and the Lighthouses". The president of the Port Authority and the directors of SM Pro Art Circle met this morning to finalize the details of the contest. For Martin "the growing success of the last four calls indicates that the initiative is making an important place in the international calendar of the graphics". Santander 03/05/2022. The president of the Port Authority of Santander (APS), Francisco Martín, today received the directors of SM Pro Art Circle, Andrea Juan and Gabriel Penedo Diego, to finalize the details of the exhibition of the works of Mini Print Cantabria, which they organize together with the APS and the collaboration of El Diario Montañés, at the Centro de Arte Faro Cabo Mayor (CAFCM) between August 31 and December 31. During the meeting, Juan and Penedo, have delivered to Martín 500 works, all of them property of the APS, belonging to the fourth edition of the international contest Mini Print Cantabria "The Sea and the Lighthouses", as well as the catalog of the exhibition. Among them are the winners of the contest: -First Prize: Claudia Sbrissa (United States) - The heavn'ly vault-Light II. -Second Prize: Marcelo Gurruchaga (Argentina) - Homage to J. M. W. Turner -Third Prize: Marek Grzyb (Poland) - Hazy light -Mar Cantábrico Award: Julia García López (Spain) - Durmiente 6 (Sleeper 6) -Honorary Prize for Outstanding Work: Anna Trojanowska (Poland) - FORMA ADAPTACJI_05 -Honorary Prize for Outstanding Work 2: Juan Escudero (Spain) - Sea Cure -Honorary Prize for Best Series: Maja Cwiek (Poland) - Vortex I / Vortex II / Vortex III -First Mention: Veronica Bonta (Argentina) - 01_Entre_Tiempos (01_Between_Times) -Second Mention: Ariadna Abadal Lloret (Spain) - La Puerta del Mar (The Sea Door) -Third Mention: Carlos Javier Vielba Seco (Spain) - Our Essence -Fourth Mention: Eunice Kim (United States) - From Lighthouse #1 -Special Mention: Maria Centeno (Spain) - So Far, So Close II For Martin "this is a contest that grows with each edition and gives an idea of the importance that the cultural heritage of the port is acquiring with, so far, more than 1500 small format graphic works of great quality and diversity of both national and international artists". The president of the APS hopes that in this new edition "we can repeat the success of the fourth" in which "the light of the Cabo Mayor Lighthouse reached 42 countries around the world, with the participation of 279 artists who submitted a total of 686 graphic works in small format". V edition Mini Print International Cantabria "The Sea and the Lighthouses". The contest is open to all graphic disciplines, admitting also digital printed and monotype works. Although the general theme is The Sea and the Lighthouses, it does not imply that the work must be figurative. All types of aesthetic languages are admitted. The image and paper must not exceed 20 x 20 cm, but there is no minimum image or paper size. The work(s) must be submitted without passe-partout, frame, glass or stretcher. Each artist may submit up to 3 works. Prizes: The following Prizes will be awarded: 1st Prize: 4,000 €. 2nd Prize: 1,500 €. 3rd Prize: 500 €. Special Cantabrian Sea Prize: 500 €. (*) (*) The purpose of this award is to support the practice of graphic arts among the artists of Cantabria and it is sponsored by El Diario Montañés. The winning works will become part of the Heritage of the Cabo Mayor Lighthouse Art Center along with the originals that, once again, the artists prefer to donate to the Heritage of the Port Authority of Santander. Dates: Closing date for registration: July 31, 2022. Exhibition: From August 31 to December 31, 2022. Official Inauguration: If circumstances permit, on 31/8/22. Jury Meeting: Once all the registered works have been received. Awards Ceremony: Once the jury has made its decision and on a date yet to be determined due to COVID-19. Exhibition Space for the works: The exhibition of the selected works will take place in the halls of the Centro de Arte Faro Cabo Mayor in Santander, Cantabria, Spain on the dates mentioned above. Catalog: The organizers, as in all editions, will edit a digital catalog with the selected and awarded works that can be viewed and downloaded, free of charge, from the website of the Contest. For further information on the V Edition of the Mini Print, as well as on the previous editions and the free download of the digital catalogs of the same, please visit the website: