Cabo Mayor affords the first sight of land after a long voyage. At night, its light can be seen from a distance of 21 miles, much further than the last glimpse of the coast on a clear day. This means it is the first signal seen by a sailor setting course for the port of Santander.

“The Lighthouse”, as it is known by the people of Santander, is also one of the most emblematic buildings in the city, a geographical landmark almost 200 years old and without which the Sardinero landscape is unimaginable. The powerful magnetism of this significant place is not surprising and is felt, not only by those using its guidance from the north to find a safe harbour, but also by those who, from the south, seek a better perspective of a ship, a storm, an eclipse, a problem or the sight of a loved one.

The port of Santander has been working for three centuries to attract ships and sailors to its docks and for decades cultural activities have held an important place in the work of integration with the city. It is an honour for me as chairman of the Port Authority to present this wonderful project which achieves two goals; to put a historical maritime signal to cultural use and to note the impotance of the lighthouse in the life of Eduardo Sanz, in his childhood, his dreams, his long and fruitful artistic career.

Francisco Javier del Olmo Ilarza
Chairman of the Port Authority of Santander