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Short sea shipping

Short sea shipping (SSS) has been and continues to be one of the Port of Santander’s main commitments. The need to transfer goods from often very busy European roads to other means of transport makes SSS an immediate, profitable and environmentally friendly solution. Because of its strategic geographic location in the middle of the Cantabrian coast, its proven experience in traffic such as Ro-Ro, its excellent infrastructures and direct, quick and cheap links to the centre of the country, the Port of Santander is the perfect linking point with European countries on the Atlantic, as well as those on the Baltic Sea.

Therefore, continuing with the line of work followed up until now, many other destinations will be added to the current weekly connections with France, GB, Belgium, Germany and Finland, turning Santander into an extremely important port for the export and import trade of companies located in the growing hinterland, thanks to new links with the plateau region or Meseta.


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