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Passage rates

  1. This rate applies to the passengers' use, and when applicable, the vehicles that the passengers load or unload on a passage basis, of the berthing facilities, land access points, roads and other permanent port facilities.

    The use of machinery and mobile mechanical elements needed for loading and unloading operations are not subject to this charge. When applicable, they shall be subject to the relevant charge.
  2. In their capacity of charge payer and jointly, the ship owner and captain of the ship shall be responsible for payment of this charge.

    If the ship is consigned, the shipping agent of the boat in which the passengers and vehicles are travelling on a passage basis shall replace the aforementioned charge payers.

    At berths and maritime terminals that are jointly granted under concession or licence, the concessionaire or licensee shall replace the aforementioned charge payers.

    The replacement charge payers named in this regulation shall be jointly required to comply with the material and formal considerations resulting from their payment obligations, subject to the Port Authority firstly addressing the concessionaire or licensee. If the replacement charge payers fail to comply with their obligations, in particular, they fail to pay the charge, the Port Authority may demand that the charge payers comply, notwithstanding the responsibilities held by the replacement charge payers.
  3. This rate shall be paid when the loading, unloading, transit of passengers or, when applicable, vehicles, is started by the port.
  4. The rate is based on the following quantitative amounts:
    1. Passengers: the travel basis, whether this is transport or tourism, the type of journey, the loading, unloading or transit sea operation and, in the later case, the length of stay in port.
    2. Vehicles: the kind of vehicle.
  5. The charge applicable to each passenger or vehicle on a passage basis shall be the following:
    1. At berths and maritime terminals that are not granted under concession or licence:
      Item Rate (€/unit)
      Passenger on a transport basis, loading or unloading 3,5686
      Passenger of a tourist cruise, loading or unloading 4,2032
      Motorcycle and two wheeled vehicles 4,4529
      Cars and similar vehicles 10,1855
      Coaches and group transport vehicles 54,7563
      The charge applicable to passengers on a tourist cruise shall be 2.5490 euros per passenger per day in port or part thereof. Passengers shall pay the charge indicated in the previous chart relating to loading or unloading at the port where loading or unloading takes place and, in the days following loading or in the days prior to unloading, the passengers shall pay the passenger in transit charge.

      When the journey takes place exclusively in water within the port's service area or in a ria and for boats carrying out local tourist trips, the charge at each loading and unloading operation shall be:
      Item Rate (€/unit)
      Passenger 0,0728
      Motorcycle 1,2693
      Car 3,1836
      Under these circumstances, the charge may be asked for on a simplified estimate basis, except when the charge payer expressly refuses this. The charge shall be established by taking into consideration statistical traffic data over the last few years and an overall payment for the amount relating to estimated occupation shall be made periodically. Those who opt for this system shall receive a 30% discount on the charge.
    2. D. At berths and maritime terminals that are jointly granted under concession or licence, the rate shall be 50% of the charge stated in paragraph a).

      If only the maritime terminal is granted under concession or licence, the rate shall be 75% of the charge stated in paragraph a).
  6. For the purposes of this Act, maritime passenger terminal is understood to mean a facility designed to help the access of passengers, their luggage and vehicles on a passage basis from land on to the ship and from the ship on to land.

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