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Document Registry

The Santander Port Authority is a public body which, in accordance with Act 30/1992 of 26 November, has a general registry where official documents and communications send to the body are recorded.

If you wish to send an official communication to the Santander Port Authority, you can do so using this means. Your communication will be received by the general registry and shall be handled in exactly the same way as if you had delivered it to our offices in person or via the other procedures set out in Act 30/1992 of 26 November within the legal system relating to Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedures.

The following rules shall be taken into consideration when presenting documents via this means:
1. - The information can be sent in the body of the e-mail or attached as a document; in this case, only Word (.doc) and Acrobat PDF documents will be accepted. The central computer’s antivirus programme will reject and delete all messages sent to the registry if it thinks that they may contain an IT virus.

2. – For messages accepted by the central computer, the date of entry will be the date on which they were received by the Port Authority’s central computer. Once the message has been received by the general registry and it has been checked for legibility, it will be recorded and the sender shall be sent a number and date.

3. - Santander Port Authority reserves the right to confirm, when appropriate, the authenticity of received messages, in particular when sent on behalf of a third person.

4. - This is not a valid means of communication for cancelling procedures or for making complaints either personally or on behalf of third parties.

For the purpose of notification, you should include your full postal address in the message, as well as a telephone number and any other means of communication that you feel is appropriate.
You must accept these rules in order to access the registry form.

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