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Student guide

The educational material found in the student guide has been grouped into three chapters. The first of these is called "Welcome to our port" and provides a general introduction to the port and its history. The second refers to the "Commercial port" and the third to the "Fishing port", two if the most important activities at the Port of Santander. Each chapter is given a symbol so that the topic under study can be easily remembered.

The attached index includes numbered titles, each one relating to a file. In general, at the beginning of these files there is an explanation that rounds off or introduces the activities that follow.

It is very important to start with this chapter when working with the student guide, as there is an explanation of the Port of Santander, how it works, the main activities carried out at the port, its history, etc. While reading the files, you will notice that some words are marked with a red asterix: this indicates that the meaning of this word can be found in the vocabulary at the end of the chapter.

We hope that you enjoy this publication and the activities and, of course, that you enjoy the Port of Santander.


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