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Chronology up to 1893

The origins of port activity in Santander date back more than 2,000 years. Throughout this period, the sea and the port have became one of the fundamental symbols of progress in a community that, through fishing, defence, naval construction, maritime trade and nautical sports, has been constantly present on the international stage, gaining relevant experience with which to take on the challenges of the new century.

see chronology from 1985 onwards

Photo Date Description
19 BC. 19 BC. Rome founds the Port of Santander, converting it into an active centre for the export of minerals to the Empire.
1068 1068 First written reference to the Port of Santander in a document by Sancho II of Castilla.
Middle Ages & 16th  C. Middle Ages & 16th C. The Port of Santander becomes one of the main centres of maritime and commercial expansion in the Kingdom of Castilla.
1570 1570 Felipe II declares Santander the Cantabrian naval base.
1639 1639 Creation of the Guarnizo Royal Shipyard on the outskirts of Santander.
1765 Enactment of the Free Trade Royal Decree that allows Santander to trade with Spanish colonies.
1785 1785 Creation of the Santander Consulate.
Middle of the 19th C. Santander becomes one of the most important Spanish port cities as a result of colonial trade.
1893 1893 The ship the "Cabo Machichaco" explodes.

Chronology from 1985 onwards

In the future, the Raos port complex would take on the majority of physical operations from the Port of Santander. Its current facilities, together with the infrastructures expected to be developed in this area, comprise a modern, commercial port, not only because of the length and depth of the quays, but also because there are large areas available where goods can be handled and stored, its ability to take on complex logistical and distribution work and its direct links with the road system.

see chronology up to 1893

Photo Date Description
1985 1985 Opening of the first three quays at the Raos port complex.
1068 1989 Work is completed on the Espigón Norte quays in Raos and the ferry terminal is redesigned.
Car traffic begins.
Installation of a fibre optic network of integrated services.
Baja Edad Media y s.XVI 1992 Work is finished on dredging the navigation channel designed to standardise the depth of water in line with the new quays.
1570 1995 Work on a new quay at Espigón Central in Raos is started.
The Use of Port Areas Plan is approved, a document that sets out the key aspects of the port’s future organisation and running.
Creation of the Port of Santander’s website.
1639 1997 Work on the Raos 8 quay comes to an end.
Work starts on the new fishing quay.

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