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By road:

Inland access

Access points within the Port of Santander have undoubtedly improved, as the setting up off controlled access points allows the traffic to flow better. Communications on the new quays in the Roas area are excellent due to the size of the quays. The only current disadvantage relates to communications between the Roas quays and other quays, as city roads have to be crossed. A current port order in the study phase includes said road route.

Land access by road

  • From Asturias: Road N-634, called San Sebastián - Bilbao - Santander - La Coruña, which links with the C.N.-611 from Palencia-Santander in Torrelavega. There is a stretch of motorway off this last road to the Port, the Bezana - Puerto de Raos stretch.
  • From Palencia: Road N-611
  • From Burgos: N-623, linking with the Torrelavega - Santander motorway and from here a stretch to the Puerto de Raos.
  • From Bilbao: On the Cantabrian motorway.

By rail:

Rail access within the port

Carriages enter and exit the port using the access line, which starts at the Estación de Clasificación, built in Maliaño, and links directly with the Raos quays, avoiding the crossing with the stretch of motorway. From Raos, the Maliaño quays are reached using a link that runs the length of Marqués de la Hermida street.

Land access by rail

The train routes that link Santander with the rest of Spain are the following:

  • The RENFE route from Madrid to Santander via Valladolid and Palencia and the FEVE metre-gauge line from Santander to Bilbao and from Santander to Oviedo and Gijón.
  • The Port can only be accessed via the Raos Port Complex.

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